Choose your Style We have a style to suit everyone, Loch Dress is designed for real women, of any age, shape or size, anyone can pull off a Loch Dress, and you dinna have to be Scottish to wear one, but it helps if you love a bit of tartan. We create traditional, yet modern, timeless designs, that can, and should, be worn again and again. No fabulous outfit should only be worn once… #FashionHasFeelingsToo

Choose your Tartan While many people believe you should only wear a tartan you are connected to, we believe that any tartan can be worn by anyone, I like to think of it as people coming together and embracing each other’s traditions. So look at the tartans and choose the one that you love, for whatever reason, be it the colours the traditions or just that it really stands out to you.

Choose Loch Dress We are an exclusive brand offering a rare and remarkable service making unique garments. In contrast to today's age of mass global production, each Loch Dress piece is designed and crafted in the Highlands of Scotland. We consistently prove our quality and customer care with our returning clients from all around the world. Our positive feedback stands testament to our quality craftsmanship, exquisite fabrics and the simple pleasure gained from wearing a LOCH DRESS.