Caring for your Loch Dress Corset

To put your corset on make sure the lacing is loosened enough to fit the corset round you easily, you shouldn’t have to breath in while fastening the busk. To fasten the busk, start at the top and work your way down, sometimes the top one will pop open by the time you get to the bottom one, but it will easily pop back in. Once the busk is fastened you can tighten the lacing by pulling the loops (rabbit ears) of the lacing in the centre to get your desired fit, and tie in a bow.

When you are taking it off, always loosen off the lacing before unfastening the busk, start from the bottom and work your way up.

Storage – Hang by the lacing, lining side up over a hanger. Allow to air after each use before storing. If needed you can use a freshening spray on the lining

Dry Clean only – but you don’t need do this frequently, only when necessary. Stains can be spot cleaned but never immerse the corset in water.

If you need to iron your corset use a barrier cloth and don’t iron over the bones as it can mark the silk

You shouldn’t really let anyone else wear your corset, as your corset moulds to your shape so it may cause it to warp if worn by someone else.

Follow these instructions and you will have many wonderful years of wear from your corset. Enjoy!